Master CD

Audio/Data Master Specifications

  • Your master must be under 74 minute audio or 650 MB Data! This is the most compatible for all CD players.

  • As a part of our service, we'll keep your master on file. We highly recommend that you make a copy for yourself.

  • If not uploaded, Data masters can only be sent on CD.

  • Data content can be anything you can store on a CD: software, presentations, digital photos, video clips, etc

  • Audio content can be in CD, DAT, or Mini Disc formats.

  • The audio sampling rate for your Master should be 44.1KHz. This is the industry standard for recording CDs.

  • When recording audio stay out of the red indicator lights to avoid distortion.

Write the following on your mailed master:
· The e-mail address that you use for login.
· The CD's title.
· The type of content (Audio or Data).

Image Requirements:
We need to receive all Images and designs in Photo Shop PDS or JPEG format. 300 DPI or better.
We also provide design services starting at $25 hour.

Mail your master to:
DVD Duplication Center
Attn: Sales
7900 Alabama Street
Canoga Park CA, 91304

A Note About Mailing Music
Remember that the way the music sounds when you send it, is exactly what you'll get back. If you are not sure about the quality of your music, we recommend that you have your material professionally mastered before you send it to us.

There will be no refunds for any flaws in reproduction quality resulting from flaws in the Master.


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